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Diane Von Furstenberg Wrap Dress Turns 40 this Year

This year marks the 40th birthday of the wrap dress created by Diane Von Furstenberg. At 27, the Belgian born Von Furstenberg designed a dress that has since shown staying power in its practicality and beauty. In an interview from Take Two, 89.3 KPCC California Public Radio, she states, “It embraces the body in a very nice way. You can be proper and sexy at the same time…….” I could not agree more! Cheers to Diane Von Furstenberg and this beautiful, iconic dress!

Photo credit as shown from interview: John Sciulli

Alexander McQueen Inspired Scarf


I recently had my first experience with a biker bar. Not only had I never been to a legit biker bar before, but I had never even been on the back of a Harley before! Clearly this would be an interesting experience for me. Two questions popped into my mind. One, what in the world am I getting myself into? And two, what in the world am I going to wear? My motorcycle jacket, black top, and black skinny jeans were easy, logical choices. However, I wanted to represent myself in the outfit. You know, give it a classy look while maintaining the “tough” look required. I immediately remembered my pink, skull scarf and was able to incorporate a bit of myself into the outfit I was to wear for the night.

When I first saw this scarf, it was right around the time when Alexander McQueen launched his skull scarf. Not being able to afford the designer version, I was quick to grab this up. I love this scarf and have worn it on several occasions, always receiving compliments with recognition to McQueen’s piece. This was clearly the perfect choice for the evening. Not only did I fit right in, at least in my mind, but I had the best time enjoying my biker night out!

Mixing Patterns


One of the things I love to do is mixing patterns to create the perfect ensemble. Over the weekend, I was getting ready to meet two friends for lunch. The plan was to meet at a restaurant/marina and indulge in oysters and cocktails. What can I say? The winters in Florida makes us realize just how good we have it down here! Anyways, wanting to create a fresh look, I paired my leopard heels with cropped jeans, a pinstripe blouse, a grey sweater, and a plaid and leopard scarf to top it all off. How was I able to mix pinstripes, animal print, and a chunky grey sweater and make it work? Easy! If you have a piece that can pull everything together, you can make almost any outfit work. Almost….let me explain.
The pinstripe shirt is a classic article of clothing. Deciding to pair it with cropped jeans for a day on the marina was a no brainer. Of course the two complement one another. But I like to stand out, make a statement, and have people take notice of my presence from time-to-time. What caught my eye was the leopard and plaid scarf in my closet. Eyeing my heels I knew that not only would this coordinate fantastically, but I could make it work! The key was incorporating a neutral piece, the grey sweater, hence pulling everything together. What many people fail to realize is that the color grey is a neutral, the same as brown and black. So if you ever find yourself wanting to pull pieces together without looking like a fashion “don’t” grab a neutral piece and watch how your outfit comes together!
Oh, and one more thing, the two handsome gentlemen I am with (Jerry and Howard) have an amazing website dedicated to travel. The website is You can even follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Always up for adventure, they travel by car to different places; whether it be historical sites or out of the way/unique destinations. I highly recommend you check them out!


My RZ Obsession


Not only am I a fan of Rachel Zoe as a stylist, but I am also a huge fan of her beautiful, glamorous accessories. I mean, let’s be honest, you can’t get more fun and fabulous than Rachel Zoe! I particularly love to wear this bracelet with a chunky, knit sweater. It’s also a piece that I can wear with something more chic for a night out. And without fail, every time I wear it I find myself continually receiving compliments. The best thing about this bracelet is that it makes a statement all on its own. So having to worry about any other accessory isn’t even an issue. Paired with my small diamond earrings, I simply throw it on and go!

Pulling it all together

One of my favorite things to do is to create a look for a new work day. I’m the type of woman who dresses herself depending on her mood. It could be classy one day(think Chanel inspired jacket with pearls), or it could be a casual, chic outfit that screams laid back but stylish. Yesterday, it was a black skirt with one long zipper in the back. I don’t know about you, but I love a piece that has that something extra that makes it pop! This was topped with a red sweater, black motorcycle-type jacket, and studded black heels. Today it will be black dress pants, black top, and a two-toned, brown and black jacket. And accessories? That’s the best part for me! Diamond studded earrings and a black enamel necklace to top it off (thank you Nicole Ritchie for this beautiful piece). And I complete the look with a fun and chic ring.
So how do I do this? I am a visual. I need to play with pieces to figure out what will work and what won’t. Whether I throw possibilities onto my bed, or whether I hang various pieces from my closet racks, I need to step back and figure out what will work. Fashion should be fun! And for me, it’s creating an outfit based on how I am feeling when I roll out of bed in the morning. Don’t know how to create an outfit, but are seeking some sort of inspiration to walk out of your house in the morning feeling fabulous? Do what I do! I tear pictures of outfits that I like from magazines and save them for future reference. It is a quick and fool proof way to get dressed feeling prepped and ready for the day!

FSU Obsession Bourbon&Boweties styled!


I graduated from Florida State in 2000. That’s right, the year of the 1999 National Championship win! You can imagine my excitement when the Noles took home the title again last night! As I was getting ready for a party where I would be watching this game, I spent some time on putting the final touches to my outfit. There is a company called Bourbon&Boweties which make the cutest and most unique bracelets I have found to date! As I stacked my glass garnet and gold bracelets, I made sure to include my newest Indian head coin bracelet as well. Ladies, if you like accessories as much as I do, jump onto Facebook and check them out! There is something for every type of outfit. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Why this blog?

So, with all of the fashion blogs out there, you may ask yourself, “Why this blog? What makes this site unique?” The great thing about fashion blogs is that one can share ideas or “what is to come” as it pertains to fashion. This blog will do that as well. However, living in Florida I am exposed to so many cultures, and with that, unique styles. ¬†Different regions dress differently. A certain “look” is associated with a certain region of the country. Here in Florida, there are people from all over the state, and other countries as well, who add to the diversity and excitement of fashion. There is no “one standard way” in which we can associate ourselves. To me, that is exciting! So my goal, my own personal fashion mission, is to share with all of you the fabulousness that I get to see everyday. And I truly believe you will find a little bit of yourself represented on this site.