Why this blog?

So, with all of the fashion blogs out there, you may ask yourself, “Why this blog? What makes this site unique?” The great thing about fashion blogs is that one can share ideas or “what is to come” as it pertains to fashion. This blog will do that as well. However, living in Florida I am exposed to so many cultures, and with that, unique styles.  Different regions dress differently. A certain “look” is associated with a certain region of the country. Here in Florida, there are people from all over the state, and other countries as well, who add to the diversity and excitement of fashion. There is no “one standard way” in which we can associate ourselves. To me, that is exciting! So my goal, my own personal fashion mission, is to share with all of you the fabulousness that I get to see everyday. And I truly believe you will find a little bit of yourself represented on this site.

About Kimberly Kettering

I am a modern day working woman completely obsessed with fashion! Fashion is, without a doubt, the truest expression of oneself. It reflects our personality and how we choose to present ourselves. So in my mind, shouldn't we be as fabulous and polished as possible?

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  1. So proud of you for following your passion, Kim! I can tell already that you’ve got what it takes for the long haul . . . . XO!

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