Mixing Patterns


One of the things I love to do is mixing patterns to create the perfect ensemble. Over the weekend, I was getting ready to meet two friends for lunch. The plan was to meet at a restaurant/marina and indulge in oysters and cocktails. What can I say? The winters in Florida makes us realize just how good we have it down here! Anyways, wanting to create a fresh look, I paired my leopard heels with cropped jeans, a pinstripe blouse, a grey sweater, and a plaid and leopard scarf to top it all off. How was I able to mix pinstripes, animal print, and a chunky grey sweater and make it work? Easy! If you have a piece that can pull everything together, you can make almost any outfit work. Almost….let me explain.
The pinstripe shirt is a classic article of clothing. Deciding to pair it with cropped jeans for a day on the marina was a no brainer. Of course the two complement one another. But I like to stand out, make a statement, and have people take notice of my presence from time-to-time. What caught my eye was the leopard and plaid scarf in my closet. Eyeing my heels I knew that not only would this coordinate fantastically, but I could make it work! The key was incorporating a neutral piece, the grey sweater, hence pulling everything together. What many people fail to realize is that the color grey is a neutral, the same as brown and black. So if you ever find yourself wanting to pull pieces together without looking like a fashion “don’t” grab a neutral piece and watch how your outfit comes together!
Oh, and one more thing, the two handsome gentlemen I am with (Jerry and Howard) have an amazing website dedicated to travel. The website is http://www.backroadplanet.com. You can even follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Always up for adventure, they travel by car to different places; whether it be historical sites or out of the way/unique destinations. I highly recommend you check them out!


About Kimberly Kettering

I am a modern day working woman completely obsessed with fashion! Fashion is, without a doubt, the truest expression of oneself. It reflects our personality and how we choose to present ourselves. So in my mind, shouldn't we be as fabulous and polished as possible?

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  1. Plaid and animal might be my favorite mix. Love the look.

  2. Hey Kim! Thanks for the shout-out . . . . Love you!

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