Fashion in Art

In regards to fashion, sometimes we take for granted the beauty in the things that are unique and follow the advice of the new glossy magazines on the stands. Not too long ago, I was reminded that fashion is not only what the likes of New York, Paris, and Milan want us to see; but it is in everyday inspiration right in our own backyards.
About a month ago, a former student of mine came to see me in my classroom with her mother. This wonderful, talented, young woman left middle school and went on to a high school that focused on the specific talents of their students as well as incorporating the curriculum required. These students are able to nurture their talents and grow in their craft with the aid of their teachers. This particular student loves to make jewelery, and stopped by to show me a few of her pieces. At the very end of our meeting, she handed me a pair of earrings she made specifically for me. Before she left, she and her mother both had something personal to share with me.
My student first thanked me for always inspiring her and supporting her. She told me that she had a rough time in middle school, but loved coming to my class. She remembered a day when I addressed my 8th grade students about going on to high school, and then whatever they decided to do with their lives from there, needing to leave the city in which they resided to find themselves and their passion in life. She said it was something that stuck with her and now she hopes to cultivate her passion going to a school in a different state (California and New York are just two of the options she has before her). Her mother then thanked me because she said in their culture, it is very easy for young girls to leave high school and focus on the next stage of their lives, marriage. She said she wanted something different for her daughter and I was a part (albeit small) in this plan for her to follow her dreams and passion.
That in and of itself was reward enough for me! As a teacher, we hope to inspire and sometimes in the mess of all things political in education, we forget that we truly do touch lives on a daily basis.
The earrings below are what she gifted me with, and I cherish them. Not only are they beautiful and meaningful, but in this fashion accessory there is an art that is meant just for me.



About Kimberly Kettering

I am a modern day working woman completely obsessed with fashion! Fashion is, without a doubt, the truest expression of oneself. It reflects our personality and how we choose to present ourselves. So in my mind, shouldn't we be as fabulous and polished as possible?

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