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Military Jacket and Chanel Inspired Purse

Visiting Richmond, VA this weekend allowed me to play with fall looks. Here, I have my military jacket over a simple grey dress, and my favorite Chanel inspired purse. The jacket I purchased at Kohls, and the purse, my current obsession, at Express. Combining the looks gave a relaxed, stylish look and feel for a nice autumn day downtown.image

Fall in Florida

imageFall,a time when leaves change to beautiful shades of red and orange. The breeze in the air is brisk, and women everywhere start to break out their new fashions for the new season. That is, unless you are currently living in Florida. So what is one to do?

As I pour over the current issues of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, the envy of not being able to wear the latest boots, leggings, and light sweaters sets in. So, I am left to incorporate any trend into our warm weather attire whenever I can. The first is the chambray shirt with my black and white skirt. Though it may not be much to those living in cooler climates at the moment, for those of us who break out the boots in 70 degree weather we will take what we can get.