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Sunday church, then brunch at its best! I am wearing one of the dresses Elie Tahari designed for Kohl’s, as well as my Altuzarra boots for Target (see previous post), and a stunning cuff from my friend’s store. image
Really loving this cuff!

Beauty of Gems

When I was a little girl, I had a real interest in rocks/geodes. My mom would take me to gem shows where the women would shop for different types of gems, while the little kids were able to pretend to be geologists and dig for stones. There was just something about the beautiful, shiny, polished stones that really grabbed my attention. My mother even bought a tigers eye necklace for me that day, something I still wear and cherish today. And now, years later, my interest for such beautiful stones to be worn as accessories, specifically necklaces, have taken center stage lately to the outfits I have been wearing.
In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned a company called Bourbon and Boweties. This accessories company first started with just bracelets, but since have moved on to rings and necklaces. The owner uses various stones and metals to create her jewelery. Below are just a few examples of what I have been wearing lately to accessorize my spring/summer staples.image
I really love the two above because they can be worn with even the simplest of outfits. Dressed up or down, these work with almost any outfit.
The above blue gemstone necklace is versatile. One side has smooth, polished stones while the other side of the necklace shows the raw beauty of the stones.
The green necklace above is one of the newest to my collection. This may be my favorite so far!