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A Night Out On The Town

With the weather getting cooler, especially with my recent visit to Virginia, I pondered what to wear on a night that was dipping in the fifties. For a southern girl, temperatures in the fifties, including a brisk wind, is a cold night! However, I knew that we would be enjoying a nice dinner, and if anything the red wine would help to keep me warm. So I decided on a long sleeve, knit dress with a low collar. I paired that with a black, stylish clutch and a pair of very sexy heels. I completed my look with a motorcycle jacket to add an edgier look to my dress. That being said, not only did I feel like I looked like a million bucks, I was able to keep warm as well.image
Though it exposed my toes, these heels were on point! I love them!
My clutch for the evening.

Peter Pilotto

I normally don’t write a blog twice in one week, but I was so excited about Peter Pilotto’s line at Target I just had to share my findings!
First off, I find it amazing that there is a store where women can purchase nice, name brand clothing at an affordable price. Target has done an amazing job when it comes to having various articles of clothing and accessories by different designers. In the past year, I have aquired a scarf by Marc Jacobs, purses by Oscar de la Renta and Phillip Lim, and now a skirt and top by Peter Pilotto. For someone on a teacher’s salary, this is a dream come true! When I do invest in designer pieces, and I am talking about walking into the designer stores themselves- never knock offs, I usually purchase purses. My favorites are Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and the occasional Coach. To me, purchasing these items are an investment, not that clothes aren’t. But I need something with staying power for my day to day job. And being in front of the board with markers and designer clothes makes me nervous! So when Target started promoting all of these wonderful designers, and the above mentioned are just a few, I was overcome with pure joy!
The skirt below is my absolute favorite piece from the collection. I can dress it up with a black blouse and blazer during the last few months of our winter, or I can pair it with a white blouse, cobalt blue jacket (for contrast) and a necklace within the same color family to pull it all together. Affordable prices and designer pieces makes me one happy girl!

What is Considered Age Appropriate?

I was reading my US Weekly magazine a few weeks ago and came across a quote by Julianne Moore in regards to being stylish at 53. She was quoted saying, “After a certain age, you can’t wear anything with words on it.” This made me think, “Where do we draw the line? And at what age is this considered completely tacky and inappropriate?”
I have a beautiful blouse from Bebe. It’s red and bears the Bebe name all over it. However, to me it is completely age appropriate and one of my favorite work shirts. But I do agree that certain articles of clothing that have the company’s name on it really do need to be removed from one’s closet.
The biggest offender? Brand names and logos printed across the butt. Why. On. Earth. And again, this is just my opinion. To me, if you are young you can get away with more, and these young women should enjoy their fashion choices and flaunt it! But really, ladies, at some point I think that as we get older, we need to evolve with our choices in fashion. We can still rock alternative, classy, preppy, etc. looks and all the while not look as though we are headed back to our glory days of high school or college. Women can most certainly wear articles of clothing with logos on it. However, I think one thing needs to be kept in mind. Make sure that YOU wear the clothes, the clothes should not be wearing you. And they should never, ever make you look ridiculous given your age.

Thoughts? I’d love to hear your point of view.

Photograph by Vittorio Sciosia/Corbis.