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Fall in Florida

imageFall,a time when leaves change to beautiful shades of red and orange. The breeze in the air is brisk, and women everywhere start to break out their new fashions for the new season. That is, unless you are currently living in Florida. So what is one to do?

As I pour over the current issues of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, the envy of not being able to wear the latest boots, leggings, and light sweaters sets in. So, I am left to incorporate any trend into our warm weather attire whenever I can. The first is the chambray shirt with my black and white skirt. Though it may not be much to those living in cooler climates at the moment, for those of us who break out the boots in 70 degree weather we will take what we can get.

Strategic Dressing: How to Dress for Bi-Polar Weather

What’s not to love about winter? Snow falling, hot cocoa, warm chunky knit sweaters, and the beach. Wait…what?! Oh yes! The great thing about living in the wonderful state of Florida is the few days of warm weather that graces our presence in the dead of our “winter,” and this year was no exception. I went from wearing a cute pencil skirt with a warm cardigan to a warm, chunky sweater a couple of days later; only to end up in a bikini on a sandy beach when we were blessed with 81 degree weather. My only complaint is that in years past, days such as these have been sporadic and have left me yearning for the random days of sunshine. Days when I get to escape the cold nonsense in the Sunshine state, and get to walk the sandy beaches while drinking a cocktail. Days when my wonderful friends up north comment on my FB in disgust and envy because I am able to achieve a tan in the months of January and February. Say what you will about living in states where the beauty of snow covers the earth and envelopes its surroundings in pure, powdery snow perfection. Actually, this winter, more like Mother Nature unleashing her wrath and dumping snow and dangerous, icy weather that has caused disastrous situations. Yeah…I think I’ll take my chances down here, though it has caused me to take a look at my work outfits for the week and laugh. I mean, seriously, 50 degrees one day and five days later a beautiful 82 degrees? So below are some pics of my outfits throughout the past two weeks to show how this crazy, bi-polar weather of Florida has caused its residents to rummage through their closets looking for sweaters and boots one day, and tanks and flip-flops another day. Enjoy!